Green Life Clay Cookware

We moved from Arizona to Texas. However, our house things did not leave AZ for almost 30 days. We tried in which to stay resorts but with a baby, that did not go far! So we asked if they would be willing to fund some needs rather than a hotel. They agreed and we headed to Walmart.

We picked up air beds, disposable meals, and a couple of toiletries. Then we headed to your kitchen section. When we got to the cookware section, we looked over our options. We decided to test out the ceramic cookware. Why not keramische pan? We have never used it before and it only needs to last till our house things come. So we decided Green Life ceramic cookware. It got in a 12 piece set (pots, skillets, tops, and utensils).

To tell the truth, I did not have plenty of trust that this ceramic material could be that great. I have used metal (love), copper (love but WAY also expensive), cast metal (good for camping), teflon (not therefore much but good in a pinch), stoneware (love but nothing available for stove), and some unknowns. I realized this was just another fad. What can ceramic provide that I did not have with another options? But hi, everything justifies one try. So we ordered it.

And am I happy we did! They are fantastic!


* dishwasher secure

* toddler evidence

* heats up easily – We actually burned our first group of scrambled eggs because it hot up therefore quickly.

* cooks food equally

* non-stick – Actually non-stick. Our burned scrambled eggs slid right off. We did not have to wash it down or anything. We just added more eggs and gone on with our breakfast.

* moves from range to stove without any problem


* If ceramic gets chipped, the pot/skillet is made unusable. With a crack, processor or extend in the ceramic, then your ceramic won’t temperature evenly.

* Unsure just how much “beating” it could take. Up to now, nevertheless, it’s survived our toddler.


Before you understand the timing for the heat, start out using minimal temperature and raise gradually as needed. That is especially the case for sauces and meals that need herbs/spices to infuse into the food. For this to happen, the dish needs to prepare gradually and at a minimal heat. So, you need to be sure and regulate the heat appropriately since the ceramic heats up quickly and gets warmer than “usual” pots/skillets.

When the cookware isn’t being used, you will need to be sure that it doesn’t get chipped/cracked while in the cabinet. Save the cardboard inserts from your box and use them to include involving the pots/skillets. This can help in keeping the ceramic from getting damaged.